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Top Republicans, other conservative figures call on Fauci to resign or be fired

(Natural News) Leading Republican politicians and other conservative figures are calling on White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign or be fired by the administration of President Joe Biden. People are calling on Fauci’s resignation or firing after his emails were released through Freedom of Information Act requests. The emails revealed his

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Houston TV reporter suspended after exposing her station’s corruption, censorship of HCQ stories

(Natural News) A reporter for a Fox affiliate in Houston has been suspended after exposing her bosses’ corruption and illustrating how they deceive viewers to protect their advertisers. Ivory Hecker, a dayside reporter on the 5 and 6 o’clock news for FOX 26 Houston, shared recordings of her superiors and colleagues with Project Veritas that

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The unethical history of Big Pharma, and why they can’t be trusted on anything

(Natural News) From August 2013 to December 2018, the pharmaceutical industry paid out more than $12 billion (in disclosed payments) to 1,036,163 doctors, 1,249 teaching hospitals, and 2,191 companies. The current model of “medicine” incentivizes bribery, kickbacks, and institutional control over the scientists, the media and medical professionals. This Big Pharma-dominated system is also legally

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Houston Methodist Hospital suspends 178 employees who refused to get vaccinated

(Natural News) The Houston Methodist Hospital system in Texas has suspended 178 employees without pay for refusing to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Houston Methodist comprises eight hospitals and several other emergency centers and clinics throughout the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Last month, it put out a new policy requiring all of its roughly

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Just two investment firms – Vanguard and BlackRock – own nearly the entire mainstream media and most of Big Pharma, too

(Natural News) The War is in full swing right now, make no mistake about it. We are in the trenches, defending our rights as natural health advocates, to not be jabbed with dangerous, highly experimental vaccines against our will. We are at a crux, and the psychological warfare “game,” should you lose it, has real

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Sir Jeremy Farrar of the British Wellcome Trust conspired with Fauci and Daszak to stifle Wuhan lab leak theory

(Natural News) Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Peter Daszak were not the only guardians of science who privately plotted to conceal gain-of-function coronavirus research from the public. Sir Jeremy Farrar from the British Wellcome Trust also conspired to shut down any debate on the Wuhan lab leak theory. The former Oxford University professor has been