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Steve Bannon to Brad Raffensperger: “Stop Whining, and Lawyer Up! And While You’re at It, Get a Criminal Lawyer” (Video)

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon offered Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger some sage advice on Wednesday – Lawyer up! And while you’re at it, look for a criminal lawyer. You’re going to need it! Advertisement – story continues below Bannon offered Raffensperger this bit of wisdom after news broke this week that 24%

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WOW! Boris Johnson Forced to Stop and Correct Joe Biden After He Already Introduced President of South Africa (VIDEO)

During a sitdown meeting this weekend at the G7 in Great Britain, UK leader Boris Johnson had to step in and correct Joe Biden after Sleepy Joe interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa. Boris Johnson: And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South

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“Stop Listening to the Devil and Listen to God, Our Holy Father” – Little Children Melt Hearts at Pinellas County School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

On June 8th, citizens rallied outside the Pinellas County School Board meeting to end the mask mandate for students in the district. Inside, parents and students shared their concerns with the Board. “So I do realize that you are going to vote to repeal the mask mandate today, I think the reason most of are

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Former Obama AG Eric Holder, Held In Contempt of Congress Charge, Again Ignores Constitution and Says DOJ Should Stop 2020 Election Audit of Maricopa County

A crook who gets away with crimes is more likely to commit more crimes.  This is human nature and this is Eric Holder.  Obama’s first US Attorney General was arguably the most corrupt AG in US history.  He was the only AG ever held in contempt of Congress charges.  This was for refusing to address

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Arizona Patriots Working to Recall Speaker Rusty Bowers, Who Failed to Stop the 2020 Election Steal When He Had the Chance

Rusty Bowers must go.  Yes, he’s the Arizona Speaker of the House but his actions after the corrupt 2020 Election in Arizona are reprehensible. Rusty Bowers was in a position of power, where he could have stopped the corrupt election in Arizona from progressing but instead, he showed his true colors and now he’s facing

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: UN, US, Facebook and Smartmatic Executives Connived Together Before the 2020 Election and Are Now Trying to Stop or Derail 2020 Election Audits Taking Place

The UN and some US entities worked before and after the 2018 and 2020 elections and many of the same players in these efforts are now trying to derail or stop 2020 election audits in the US today. Harri Hursti, Ph.D., computer scientist, and Elizabeth Howard, Cybersecurity and Elections Counsel of the radical, Soros-funded nonprofit,

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Republicans Are FINALLY Taking Action To Stop Doing Presidential Debates With Biased Moderators

Every four years, conservative voters across the country watch with frustration as presidential debates are moderated by liberal journalists who clearly hate Republicans. The Republican candidate often ends up debating with the moderator as much as their Democrat opponent. Advertisement – story continues below It makes people on the right angry but no one ever

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Steve Bannon: “Rachel Maddow Can’t Stop This. NY Times Can’t Stop This. CNN Can’t Stop This – When Patriots Put Shoulder to the Wheel, Good Things Happen” (VIDEO)

Former New York City Mayor and President Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon and The War Room on Wednesday morning. Steve Bannon told The War Room audience the liberal hacks in the mainstream media cannot stop what is happening. Advertisement – story continues below Rudy Giuliani: “They defrauded to the extent they needed to