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Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “DOJ YOU NEED TO GET DOWN TO THE BORDER” (VIDEO)

On Monday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich schooled U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on the U.S. Constitution, as it relates to states’ rights to manage elections.  Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Responds to Biden Admin’s Threats: “My Office Is NOT AMUSED With DOJ’s POSTURING” ( Advertisement – story continues below TGP Correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke

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Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: DOJ “Will Be LEGALLY DEALT WITH – The Nation Is Looking To Arizona” (Video)

After the Biden DOJ targeted audit officials in Arizona, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers punched back HARD with the threat of imprisonment if these gangsters intrude on her turf. The US Constitution specifically gives the power to the states to regulate federal elections as they see fit. Advertisement – story continues below Arizona Lawmaker Responds to AG

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Senator Ron Johnson’s Staff is Looking thru 14 Hours of Jan 6th Video Footage – 38% of 800 Protesters Were Waved in West Terrace Door by Capitol Police (VIDEO)

Senator Ron Johnson joined Mark Levin on Sunday night on Life, Liberty and Levin on FOX News. Senator Johnson was invited on to discuss the unconstitutional imprisonment of Jan. 6 protesters in Washington DC. Advertisement – story continues below Senator Johnson says one-third of the protesters who entered the US Capitol at the West Terrace

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GA Senator Burt Jones Speaks to TGP’s Conradson after AZ Audit Tour: “Very Well Organized, Very Businesslike Operation” – GA Secretary of State Is Trying to Put Obstacles Up

  On Tuesday, State legislators from Georgia, Alaska, and Colorado made a pilgrimage to Arizona in order to review the groundbreaking Arizona audit’s procedures and logistics on the spot. Arizona is leading the charge for election integrity in the United States! Today, delegations from Georgia, Alaska, and Colorado toured the Maricopa County Coliseum to receive

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SCOTT PRESLER: Voters Want The TRUTH – PA Senator Corman, “Listen to Your Constituents!” (VIDEO)

On Sunday afternoon, patriots in Arizona, led by Scott Presler and Arizona’s teamed up for activism training, followed by a community clean-up. Scott Presler is a conservative activist who spent two years of his life working to defeat Hillary Clinton.  He was then laser-focused on re-electing President Trump.  On Sunday he partnered with EZAZ

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PA STATE SENATOR DAVE AGRALL: “I Support The Call For An Election Audit – This is the Best Path Forward”

Pennsylvania State Senator Dave Argall came out in support of a full forensic audit in the state of Pennsylvania. The following update came from State Senator Doug Mastriano’s staff after his visit to Arizona: Advertisement – story continues below Senator Dave Argall: “I support the call for an election audit, in order to answer any

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“If We Do an Audit in PA – This is the Model” – Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano Speaks Out after Arizona Audit Tour (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, a Pennsylvania delegation was escorted into the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Arizona for an on-the-scene tour of the audit facility. The team from PA, consisted of State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Senator Cris Dush, and State Rep. Rob Kauffman and their staff.  The group received a briefing from Arizona legislators in the morning.

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GOP Senator Ron Johnson Says He Was “Set Up” by FBI Agents to Stop Him From Talking about Crackhead Hunter Biden

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Dan Bongino on the Dan Bongino Show on Friday. During their discussion, Senator Johnson said he was “set up” by FBI-Stasi agents to stop him from talking about Hunter Biden and his filthy perverted lifestyle. Advertisement – story continues below Senator Ron Johnson: We got another briefing by the FBI.


Suspicious Package Containing White Powder Sent to Senator Rand Paul’s Home – Rand Paul Responds

A suspicious package from and unknown sender containing white powder was delivered to Senator Rand Paul’s home on Monday. The FBI and Capitol Hill police are investigating and the large envelope is being examined for harmful substances, Politico reported. Advertisement – story continues below The Kentucky Senator said he takes these threats seriously and blasted