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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says They’ll Only Evacuate Stranded Americans “Until the Clock Runs Out” (VIDEO)

Lloyd Austin Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave a joint press conference and took questions from reporters on Wednesday. Reporters grilled both men about the US government’s failure to safely evacuate American citizens before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Advertisement – story continues below Both Milley and

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‘How Did Biden Get This So Wrong?’ – Jake Tapper Confronts Secretary Blinken on Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder: “Tragic Foreign Policy Disaster” (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when Biden loses CNN’s support. CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted Joe Biden’s decision to abruptly leave Afghanistan. Advertisement – story continues below The embassies this week were evacuating staff in Kabul, Afghanistan as the Taliban continues to retake control over every part of the country. The Taliban is expected to take Kabul

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Joe Biden Confuses Michigan Governor Whitmer with His Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday met ‘virtually’ with governors and mayors at the White House to discuss his administration’s infrastructure plans. As usual, Biden’s virtual meeting was awkward and full of gaffes. Advertisement – story continues below Biden awkwardly ‘joked’ with Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer: “Being mayor may be the toughest job in American politics because

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Colorado Whistleblower Credits Gateway Pundit Investigation on Exposing Crooked Secretary of State Jenna’s Soros Funding (VIDEO)

A whistleblower was slated to reveal irrefutable evidence proving the 2020 presidential stolen at 7 pm cst at Mike Lindell’s  Cyber Symposium. The Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters had her office raided tonight on her way over to the symposium! Advertisement – story continues below Tina Peters came out and spoke to the crowd

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International travelers need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “for evermore,” warns top UK secretary

(Natural News) A leading government minister in the United Kingdom has warned that people will need to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to travel internationally “for evermore.” This comment was made by the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps. He warned that the pandemic has created a “new world” that

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Know Where or to How Many States Biden is Sending Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday said he has no idea where or to how many states Biden is sending illegal aliens. This is the result of appointing a small town mayor to a high position as a reward for bowing out of the 2020 presidential primaries. Advertisement – story continues below Buttigieg is either

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Soros Backed Colorado Secretary of State Called Meeting to Steal Elections Into Perpetuity, Instead Massive Crowd Attends and Calls for Forensic Audit of 2020 Election

  Colorado’s Soros Backed Secretary of State, Jena Griswold called for more corruption in Colorado indicating that she very likely did these actions in the 2020 Election and now wants to make them permanent. Advertisement – story continues below As we reported two days ago, an election judge in Colorado shared: Jena Griswold is a

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NEW: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Make Covid Vaccine Mandatory For All Active Duty Troops

Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will make Covid vaccination mandatory for all active duty troops. Last month Joe Biden announced he was asking the Defense Department to “look into how and when” it will add the Covid jab to the list of mandatory military vaccinations. Advertisement – story continues below Initially the Pentagon

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The Election Group’s Jennifer Morrell Sided with Corrupt Arizona Secretary of State After the Election But Then Later Took Down Her Tweet

Jennifer Morrell showed up everywhere before, during, and after the 2020 Election in numerous states.  In one tweet she posted after the election, she highlighted a press release by corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.  This tweet has since been taken down. Jennifer Morrell from the Election Group and other far-left and many Soros-related organizations.