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Every “health” institution Americans once trusted to protect public health has now turned against it, including the AMA, FDA, CDC, EPA, WHO, and most science journals

(Natural News) America, home of the brave, land of the free… and… home of processed food and toxic medicine. We vote people into office to protect us and our rights, and they appoint people to run the regulatory agencies to make a fortune off people’s ill health. Every regulatory agency in America pushes poison and

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VIDEO – HORROR IN KABUL: Taliban Begins Home Searches, Public Beatings, Women Scream for Help Outside Airport Gate, Traitors Beaten in Street as Up to 40,000 Americans Remain Trapped in Country

The horror of the Taliban has returned to Kabul. Women cry and plead with US soldiers to let them in the gate at the Kabul Airport. There are from 10,000 to 40,000 Americans still trapped inside the country today. The Taliban is attacking people lined up at the Kabul Airport. Advertisement – story continues below

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PM says unvaccinated Aussies could be banned from public places in the future as country institutes authoritarian lockdown measures

(Natural News) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has indicated that Australians who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may soon be granted greater freedoms than those who are not willing to take on the jab’s risks. In a conference call with constituents this week, he talked about placing restrictions on Australians who don’t get the shot

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Unvaccinated Australians “likely” to be banned from many workplaces and public venues

(Natural News) Australian companies are pressuring the government to mandate Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations. Their lobbying has become so strong that experts have warned people that refusing to get vaccinated will likely mean getting banned from most workplaces and public venues. Australia has maintained a very low vaccination rate since the COVID-19 vaccines became available

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Elected county officials in MI who gave themselves $65,000 in COVID hazard payments return the money public outrage

(Natural News) Elected officials in Shiawassee County, Michigan, are returning controversial COVID-19 hazard payments that they awarded themselves using funds received from the American Rescue Plan. The money was designed to help low-income workers who were affected by the pandemic and the essential frontline workers who faced the highest risk of coronavirus exposure because of

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Dozens of School Districts are Using Millions in Federal Covid Relief Money to Give Public School Teachers Bonuses

School districts in California, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas decided to use millions in federal stimulus money to pay out four-figure bonuses to their teachers and staff, despite objections from parents that claim it is a misuse of the funds.  Keep in mind that, especially in California, teachers held out for months to delay bringing