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Top Republicans, other conservative figures call on Fauci to resign or be fired

(Natural News) Leading Republican politicians and other conservative figures are calling on White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign or be fired by the administration of President Joe Biden. People are calling on Fauci’s resignation or firing after his emails were released through Freedom of Information Act requests. The emails revealed his

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Vaccine passports now coming to California as state moves to implement “vaccine verification system”

(Natural News) California Gov. Gavin Newsom, despite facing a recall this fall, is reportedly moving forward with plans to roll out a “vaccine verification system” for private businesses to verify that their customers have been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Even though medical information is supposed to remain private, Newsom wants corporations and businesses

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Top Doctor Issues Warning: COVID Vaccine ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ Damages Placenta, ‘We Are Being Experimented On’

Powerful interests are invested in depleting our immune systems and defecting human fertility with coercion and mandates of experimental vaccines that are only in investigative states. Even those who refuse vaccination are in peril, warns the medical director of a team of physicians under fire for exposing propaganda surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Recipients of the

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HUGE DEVELOPMENT: NSA Reveals in FOIA Response that the FBI Involved in “Improper Surveillance” of 16,000 Americans

Some Background Throughout 2020 the Black Lives Matter terrorist group was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history Advertisement – story continues below There were zero Trump rallies that turned violent during that same time period. Then on January 6, after one million

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Arizona Audit: Paper Evaluation Will Finish Next Week – The Historic Audit Is Concluding!

Boxes in The Far Corner Are Awaiting Paper Evaluation. The Arizona audit continues in Phoenix with paper evaluation and “quality control checks.”  On Thursday another State Representative from Indiana was on the floor. Audit official Randy Pullen told The Gateway Pundit that they are evaluating “well over 100,000 ballots per day, roughly up 120,000”. He

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Did Opportunists In the US Cede China Crypto-currency Like They Did Biowarfare Technology?

Did Opportunists in the US cede China crypto-currency like they did biowarfare technology? We’ve written extensively on how the US ceded China biowarfare technology, knowledge, and even money to create a fully operational biowarfare weapon in China.  The US gave so much that China could release a biological weapon of their own like what was

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Top Virologists Admit Lying to American Public for Months on Likely Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Because They Didn’t Want to be Associated with President Trump

Alina Chan is a biologist at the Silver lab at the Harvard School of Medicine. Chan is one of 18 scientists who finally admitted in the journal of Science last month that the Wuhan coronvirus likely originated in a Wuhan, China virology lab. Advertisement – story continues below Chan says liberal scientists lied to the

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Claim: Chinese spies infiltrated Monsanto, stole GMO seeds and software algorithms

(Natural News) New evidence has surfaced to suggest that communist China’s continued theft of American intellectual property extends to biotechnology. In 2011, a Chinese businessman was reportedly caught crawling through genetically modified (GMO) corn rows in Iowa on two separate occasions, pocketing transgenic seeds owned by Pioneer and Monsanto. Mo Hailong, the U.S. director of

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Woke Left moving to take over last functional, patriotic institution – the military: Whistleblowers detail hundreds of cases of ‘anti-American indoctrination’

(Natural News) For decades, the left has made inroads into every American institution, taking over the arts and entertainment, academia, science, the federal bureaucracy, and, whenever possible, local, state and national government. The U.S. military has managed to resist this infiltration, but in recent years — yes, even during the term of the most patriotic