Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Memorial Day Prayer

Father, Lord God, Almighty,

As a nation, we come before You today,

On this Memorial Day weekend, to honor those

Who paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might remain free.

How can we express our gratitude to them in a way that

Doesn’t seem trite and doesn’t show proper deference?

Truthfully, there are no words that are adequate,

No expression of gratitude that equal what

These mighty men of valor have done for us,

Since our nation’s inception in the eighteenth century.

Nevertheless, it is our duty and our great privilege to try.

So, with profound respect, a full heart, and misty eyes,

We bow our heads in reverence and gratitude to You

For raising up so many patriotic warriors over the years—

From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,

From the World Wars all the way to the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Let their loving sacrifice be a perpetual reminder, etched in our hearts,

That the price of freedom will always remain high,

Especially in our dark nation that now venerates the depraved.

From the beginning, You put it in the hearts of our forefathers

For America to be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to emulate.

Now, let us pause on this weekend to remember those who died,

That we, the living, would continue to answer the perpetual call

To fight for freedom and righteousness for the American people.

In Your graciousness, Father, You have allowed our generation

To remain free and prosperous, despite our infidelities.

We admit our wrongdoing and ask that You continue to be merciful.

We thank You for being gracious and know that

Every measure of the abundance we enjoy daily comes from You

And from those who gave their lives that we might

Continue to champion their vision to laude American exceptionalism.

Thank You for Your continued blessings upon our great nation.

As we reflect today, let us never forget what was required

To make the United States the greatest nation in the history of Mankind,


—Jack Watts

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