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Pfizer pushes ahead with plans to push coronavirus vaccines on younger children, including toddlers and infants

(Natural News) Pharmaceutical company Pfizer is moving ahead with its plan to provide its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to younger children, including toddlers and infants as young as six months old. This despite growing reports of adverse events among teenage and young adult recipients, including heart inflammation and blood clots. On May 10, the Food and

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EASY TARGETS: Water and power grid infrastructure across America found vulnerable to cyberattack

(Natural News) The digital security of computer networks controlling the machines that produce and distribute water and power in the U.S. is woefully inadequate. Operators and regulators have placed a low priority on keeping these systems secure, posing a terrifying threat to national security. It only took six hours for the Los Angeles Department of Water

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Chan Zuckerberg Institute funneled cash to Wuhan lab where covid likely originated

(Natural News) Another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic culprit has been identified, and you are probably supporting him by using his app on your smartphone or computer. That culprit is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, of course, who has been outed for funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wuhan, China, through his “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.” Zuckerberg’s

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Inflation in Wholesale Prices Increases to 6.6% – The Largest Increase Since the Measurement Was First Compiled

More terrible news for the Biden economy.  The Obama/Biden Administration couldn’t do worse if they tried.  Actually, it looks like they are trying to destroy the economy. The Daily Mail reported yesterday: Advertisement – story continues below Wholesale prices in the U.S. increased at their fastest annual rate ever in May, driven by rising food

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“We Don’t Have Trump Being, In Effect, a Spokesperson for Putin Any Longer.” Says Bitter Hillary Clinton Who Made Up Trump – Russia Collusion Nightmare

Some people have no soul.  Hillary Clinton has no soul. In an interview today on MSNBC today with Joe and Mika, Hillary Clinton, who was resoundingly beaten by President Trump in the 2016 Election, shared that with Biden in office, the US is not a mouthpiece for Russia: Advertisement – story continues below We don’t

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Europe officially launches covid “vaccine passports” after clueless media dismissed the idea as a “conspiracy theory”

(Natural News) For months, the mainstream media has been decrying the idea of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine passports” as some kind of wild conspiracy theory drummed up by “science deniers.” But now, the European Union is introducing them for real, shifting the world one step closer towards a full-fledged mark of the beast. According to

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Experts look at differences between Asian and American ginseng when it comes to treating metabolic disorders

(Natural News) Ginseng is a well-known herb, used in traditional medicine the world over. But it’s worth noting that “ginseng” refers to over 10 varieties of the man-shaped root of the Panax genus, the most popular being Asian ginseng (P. ginseng) and American ginseng (P. quinquefolius). Both American and Asian ginseng are known to boost immunity, regulate blood

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Reality check: Plexiglass barriers and other plastic shields DO NOT prevent coronavirus spread

(Natural News) Sales for plexiglass surged in the United States since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began, but not a single study has shown that clear plastic barriers can control the spread of the virus. Estimates show that over $750 million worth of plexiglass has been sold in the country. Restaurants, retail stores, schools and offices bought a lot