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After Years Harassing the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the Fake-News NY Times Finally Admits, the Steele Dossier Was a Lie that “Never Materialized or Has Been Proved False”

It’s a great puzzle how the New York Times can still be labeled ‘the newspaper of record’.   The New York Times, after years of pushing the garbage Steele dossier, finally admitted the peepee tape and more “have never materialized or have been proved false.” Advertisement – story continues below Some journalists are happy to knock

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Uh-Oh… Bill Gates Was Reportedly Removed from the Microsoft Board for an Alleged Affair with a Microsoft Employee

A new report was issued by the Wall Street Journal about Bill Gates affair with a Microsoft employee that apparently lasted for year.  Gates was removed from the Board due to this relationship. The Wall Street Journal reported today: Advertisement – story continues below Microsoft Corp. board members decided that Bill Gates needed to step

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Coronavirus likely originated in a Chinese Lab… but the real villains are right here in America

(Natural News) Just last week, famed science reporter Nicholas Wade published an exhaustive, 11,000-word investigation into the origins of the Chinese coronavirus. Wade’s conclusion is unambiguous: The most compelling theory for the Covid-19 outbreak is that it inadvertently escaped from a Chinese lab conducting unsafe, experimental research. (Article republished from Revolver.news) Neither the natural emergence nor the

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American Medical Association embraces critical race theory, rejects meritocracy

(Natural News) The American Medical Association (AMA), the largest national organization representing physicians and medical students in the United States, says it will set aside its long-held concept of meritocracy in favor of “racial justice” and “health equity.” (Article by GQ Pan republished from TheEpochTimes.com) In an 86-page strategic plan released May 11, the AMA set out

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EVIL SCIENCE: Scientists create first human-monkey hybrid in chimera embryo experiment

(Natural News) In a groundbreaking experiment, researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (SIBS) in San Diego and the Institute of Primate Translational Medicine in Kunming, China have successfully created the first human-monkey embryo. Such experimental creations are known in the scientific community as chimeras. To create this particular chimera, the researchers injected human