Daily Update 5/26/21: Is This the End of Flip Flop Fauci the Fraud? + 950 Military Ballots Checked… 100% Went For Biden!

TOP NEWS 5-26-21  Huge Numbers Coming Out That Are DAMNING To Biden – 950 Military Ballots Checked… 100% Went For Biden! https://www.survivethenews.com/reminder-from-the-peoples-general-focus-on-our-values-and-the-enemy-of-them-pray/ Full update: Vaccine tourists flock to America to receive vaccine DEATH shots, while the CDC bribes dating apps to attach vaccination badges and “super likes” to dating profiles https://www.survivethenews.com/full-update-vaccine-tourists-flock-to-america-to-receive-vaccine-death-shots-while-the-cdc-bribes-dating-apps-to-attach-vaccination-badges-and-super-likes-to-dating-profiles/ “He Cannot Investigate Himself!”

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Chicago restaurants echo “no colored people” chapter of history by pushing unvaccinated people into designated areas, treating them like vermin

(Natural News) The far-left cesspool known as Chicago is now under a new city guidance that forces restaurants to create designated unvaccinated seating areas, much like how black people used to have to sit at the back of the bus and use different drinking fountains than white people. While the new program is still in

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Daily Update 5-4-21: Arizona Judge Released Audit Team’s Security Document to the Public + Del Bigtree Destroys Vaccine Logic

TOP NEWS 5-01-21 The DEPTHS of this WAR are IMMENSE. The ENEMY of the PEOPLE will LOSE! https://www.survivethenews.com/the-depths-of-this-war-are-immense-the-enemy-of-the-people-will-lose/ Del Bigtree – Exposes the Futility of Vaccinations & Their Never Ending Cycle of Abuse https://www.survivethenews.com/del-bigtree-exposes-the-futility-of-vaccinations-their-never-ending-cycle-of-abuse/ Arizona Judge Dan Martin Released the 2020 Election Audit Team’s Security Document to the Public Last Week – This is Not