Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Category: #claims

THE BIG STEAL BREAKDOWN: Democrat Group Claims Low Income Voters Increased Turnout by 15 Percentage Points in 2020 with HUGE Turnouts in Battleground States to Give Joe Biden the ‘Win’

In 2020 President Trump won more votes than any sitting president in US history.Trump increased his vote totals by 12…

Liberal ‘Fact-Checker’ Ali Swenson Sides with Maricopa County Disputing TGP – Says Maricopa Didn’t Provide Data to Auditors in Last Week’s ‘Fact-Check’ – Claims Data Was Provided in This Week’s Fact-Check?

Young far-left ‘fact-checker’ Ali Swenson uses Maricopa County to harass and tarnish TGP factual reporting.  By choosing to use Maricopa…

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