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DHS Warns of White Supremacist-Connected Terrorism During Fourth of July Weekend – Admits There is No Specific Plot

DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas A new Department of Homeland Security bulletin is warning that “violent extremists might seek to exploit easing COVID-19 restrictions, increased access to mass gatherings, and possible changes in levels of violence during the summer months to conduct attacks against a range of potential targets with little or no warning.” The bulletin,

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Soros Hires Former Smartmatic Prez as CEO and Former Podesta CEO as Head of US Operations – Podesta Hires Former Soros Chief as President of Center for American Progress

In late December far-left billionaire globalist George Soros announced new leadership at his Open Society Foundation. Former Obama official Patrick Gaspard was stepping down as president of the Open Society Foundation. Advertisement – story continues below Lord Mark Malloch Brown, the former UN deputy secretary‐general and UK minister and president of Smartmatic voting systems, replaced

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Clown Show: Biden Secretary of Energy Blames Climate Change for Contributing to Florida Condo Collapse (VIDEO)

What a complete clown show. Biden Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm suggested that climate change played a role in the Florida Condominium collapse last week. And she’s running US energy policy. This explains why gas prices have doubled since Biden took over. Advertisement – story continues below Secretary Granholm: “Obviously, we don’t know fully, but

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President Trump Releases Statement on Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, Calling for Milley to Resign

President Trump released a statement today addressing the recent comments by General Mark Milley, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and called for his resignation. The President’s response in part addresses General Milley’s comments last week in response to Rep. Matt Gaetz supporting the Critical Race Theory. Advertisement – story continues below

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WHITE RAGE: Ohio Democrat Pounds Fists on Desk, Screams as GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill Banning Biological Males From Female Sports (VIDEO)

Ohio Democrats this week furiously pounded their fists and shouted as a female GOP lawmaker proposed a bill banning biological males from participating in female sports. GOP Rep. Jena Powell proposed an amendment to add a bill banning biological males from female sports and the Democrats began screeching like demons. Advertisement – story continues below

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AZ Audit Randy Pullen: Audit Team Evacuates TOMORROW After County Delay- Routers And Passwords Still Withheld By Maricopa County

Today was expected to be the final day in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum but the audit team is still processing data. Tomorrow auditors will evacuate the Coliseum. The audit team is finally wrapping up, however, they have been held back by Maricopa County again. Advertisement – story continues below On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan